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Helping Underprivileged Girls Around the World

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Helping Underprivileged Girls

By giving girls around the world a better life, the cycle of poverty can be broken, and all of us will benefit. This is not theory; this is fact. Unfortunately, systemic poverty, abuse, and exploitation afflict girls in many countries. This can change, but it takes time, energy, and resources.
If you want to help underprivileged girls, there are various charitable organizations that would welcome your donations or your volunteer time. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a charity to support:
  • Activities.Many girls are in desperate and dangerous situations and need immediate help. Others need support to help them make a better life. Some charities address several types of need; others concentrate on one area. Before supporting, understand exactly what the charity does.
  • Approach. Learn as much as you can about the approach the charity takes. Generally speaking, those projects that have a community-based approach involving local leaders will be more successful than projects that have a more uniform philosophy that is applied everywhere. Research shows that family-based care benefits children far more than institutionalized care, so charities that aim to support girls in family settings may be more effective. When evaluating a charity’s effectiveness, take into account the difficulties they may face and the level of support provided to their clients.
  • Legitimacy. Although the vast majority of appeals you will receive via email, mail, phone, or in person are from legitimate charities, it’s always best to check. Go to the charity’s website and examine the organization’s core values, programs, and financial picture. Next, check the information on the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Listing. If the charity doesn’t appear on the CRA site, investigate further before donating. Talk to a representative of the charity about their programs. Sometimes, hearing about the work from a team member helps to clear up any questions you may have.

What Girls Need

Girls need resources that will allow them to become full, participating members in their society. Studies show that 70% of people living in poverty are women and girls. Charities may provide:
  • Nutrition.Girls are three times more likely to be malnourished than boys. Some agencies are working to change cultural attitudes while, at the same time, providing nutrition to growing girls.
  • Healthcare.Girls need education regarding hygiene and reproduction, and they also need basic healthcare. Medical personnel work to improve the health of girls in developing countries.
  • Education. More than fifty million girls worldwide do not attend primary or secondary school. With education comes increased economic power, and knowledge that can transform lives. Access to education can be one of the most powerful forces for change.
  • Safety. Girls in poverty are vulnerable to exploitation. Many thousands of girls are forced into prostitution or domestic slavery each year. Some organizations, such as Nepal’s Daughter Project, work to prevent this in at-risk populations, as well as helping those who are exploited to escape.

Rule the World

In a perfect world, men and women would live as equals. Until that day arrives, those of us who care must help however, we can to ensure that girls grow up with a better chance to realize their potential.
Change the world one girl at a time – donate money or time to a worthy charity committed to help underprivileged girls.

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